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Interest Section Meeting Schedule (Please remember the only constraint is the number of people that can be accommodated at the meeting location. Therefore it is a first contact, first allowed.) Chair Image
Art and Garden Art and Garden AAUW Art & Garden Interest Group is an eclectic group with varied interests. Past activities have included trips to art museums, walking tours of San Francisco, trips to Filoli Garden and the Berkeley Botanical Garden, tours of the Palace Hotel, the Paramount Theatre, the Tao House, and the Sunset and Popular Science House of Innovation. We have fun, always learn something new, and always lunch during our outings! We meet 6-8 times per year.

Please check the Advocate News for monthly trips and call to join us.
Jacque Schubert
Beads2Jewelry Beads2Jewelry invites all members interested in learning to make jewelry. Our meetings include sharing of work, bead and finding discussions and examples of how to make jewelry. We also attend special bead and jewelry functions as a group. Meeting home rotates, materials list will be provided for each meeting. Please view our site for our projects and samples. www.aauw-daw.org/beads/. Meets first Thursday of the month at noon.

Please view our site for our projects and samples.

Gayle Clark and Roseann Krane
Easy Riders Biking Easy Riders Biking Rides includes beverages, snacks, and/or lunch. Rest stops will be taken as needed. There are 2 extra bikes available in case someone needs to borrow. Meetings may be Saturdays or weekdays. Marjorie Singler
Daytime and Evening
Our bridge groups are informal social groups.

The Daytime party bridge meets the third Monday of each month at 10:00 a.m. and shares lunch. We meet at members' homes and usually have three tables. The atmosphere is casual and the games are fun.

The Evening Bridge group meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. We meet at members' homes and usually have three tables. Dessert is provided.

Bridge score sheets and Talleys available - just click and print:
2 Table Talley and 3 Table Talley and Bridge Talley with image and Bridge Score Sheet, and 3 scoring sheets, and Contract Bridge Scoring, and View bridge rules

Daytime: Angela Domer

Evening: Barbara Nexsen

The Duplicate Bridge group meets the fourth Monday of each month at 9:30 a.m. A lunch is served and we play 21 hands. The group meets at members' homes.

Talleys available - just click and print:
2 Table Talley and 3 Table Talley and Bridge Talley with image and
View bridge rules

Duplicate Betty Bryant

Food: Adventurous Chefs Waiting List. The group started from the idea that we all cut out recipes and then don't get around to using them. We always use a recipe we never tried before. You determine if you are bringing the appetizer, salad, etc. The hostess provides the cold or hot drinks. We have fun and the conversation is always great. Adventurous Chefs meets the first Friday at 11:30 a.m. Contact Phyllis at 925-280-0437 or psheller@comcast.net,

Phyllis Sheller
Food: Epicureans Waiting List. A different member hosts dinner each month and determines the theme/menu for the dinner. The host provides the main entree and then assigns other menu items to the members who've indicated they will be attending. Members track the cost of their dish and all costs are averaged between members. Spouses or guests are welcome. Epicureans meet the third Saturday of the month at 6:30 p.m. Rita Wustner
Food: International Gourmet Food: International Gourmet - share their knowledge of a world place through discussion and photos as well as experience fun foods from around the world. Menus and recipes will be prepared by members participating and all will share in the costs. Dinners will be four times a year and diners may bring a friend or spouse.

Meals this year are: Nov 5, Jan 14, Mar 10, May 5. The countries will be Japanese, Hungary, Vietnamese, Argentina.

Enjoy fun food experiences by joining our group. Take a look at some dinner menus listed on the left. Meals we have had include:

India 11-21-09 Mexican 7-09 Turkish 2008
Morocco 2/08 Newfoundland Seafood 10/07 Lebanese Foods 6/07 Polish Foods 2/07 Indonesia 9/06 Spanish Tapas - 6/06 French - 3/06 Italian - 11/05

Roseann Krane
Judy Lauper
Golf Do you enjoy playing golf? The AAUW golf group meets on the second or third Saturday of each month. Play times will also be available for members wanting to learn the game or refresh their skills. Barbara Welch
Great Decisions
For eight weeks in February and March, our Great Decisions groups meet to discuss foreign policy issues. Each week we discuss a different topic from the Great Decisions briefing book published by the Foreign Policy Association (FPA). The book includes a ballot which the members fill out at the end of the discussions and return to FPA which then sends the results to Congress. It is not necessary to purchase a briefing book, but they are available for $20 plus shipping. We usually order as a group.

We have both a daytime and evening group. Meeting times are: Evening Group: Mondays 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and Daytime Group: Tuesdays 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Bev Nidick,
Martha Slavin,
Joan Ward
Hiking The hiking group meets monthly. We hike a variety of trails in Contra Costa and Alameda counties. The hikes are generally moderate, between 3-6 miles and take about 2 1/2 to 4 hours. We meet at the Sycamore Park and Ride for carpooling. An announcement for the upcoming hike is sent to those on the hiking list. Please contact Kathie Hixon at kathiehixon@comcast.net for more information. Kathie Hixon
Books II Books II Books II meets the third Thursday of each month at 10:30 a.m. It is a small group and new members and visitors are always welcome. Contact Doris Ringot at 934-8199 or dring@ifn.net for information. There is room for new members.

Doris Ringot
Literature: Contemporary Book Group Waiting List. November & December only meet the 3rd or 5th Wednesday of the month to accommodate the holidays. December's meeting is at noon for a holiday pot luck (no books discussed in December.) Meetings are held at a member.s home and led by a discussion leader. Books are selected by the group six months at a time. Each member is expected to either be a hostess or a discussion leader once a year. We meet the fourth Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. Contact Diane Stangel at 939-0373 or lstangel@astound.net.

Diane Stangel
Literature - Daytime 10 AM July and August only, no December meeting. Home rotates each month Books are nominated by group members and selected by vote. The Daytime Literature Group meets at 9:30 a.m. on the fourth Thursday of the month except in December. Books are nominated by the members and selected by vote.

AAUW members interested in joining Daytime Literature, contact Pat Madsen at 925-837-7945 or patrmads@msn.com.

Pat Madsen
Literature - Evening Waiting List. No meetings July-August. December meeting is a potluck at 6:30. Home rotates each month and another member provides refreshments. Books are discussed and rated on a 1-10 scale. Books are selected by group vote. Meets 4th Tuesday each month.

Karen Campbell, Judy Halden
Hooked on Books Open to new members, bring a sack lunch. Meets fourth Moinday at 12 noon.

Norma Spencer
Waiting List. Mah Jongg rules: http://www.aauw-da.org/americanMahJonggRules.pdf although the Tuesday morning Mah Jongg group is closed to new members, there will be a new group starting depending on interest. It will be a daytime group and open to both those who already know how to play or who are interested in learning. I will teach those who want to learn. It is really fun! The time and day will be determined by the group. Contact Paula at pauladuck@yahoo.com or phone 925-820-7308. Mah Jongg Rules
Paula Weintraub
Movies-Evening Film
Waiting List. Home rotates each month. We begin the evening at 7:30 p.m. on the second Friday with a social half hour, wine and appetizers are served. We then discuss 2 movies, rate them on a scale of 1 to 10, and vote on 2 new movie selections for the next meeting. We end the evening with coffee and dessert. The host provides the home and wine, another member provides dessert, and a third member provides the appetizer. At holiday time we hold a potluck dinner. On the evening of the Academy Awards we either meet in a restaurant or a member's home with catered food to watch the Oscar presentation and tally our ballots for the most winners. Jan Knadle
Monday Movie Mates The members will meet on the second Monday of each month during the late afternoon to view the selected film together and then discuss it while dining at a local restaurant. Waiting List. Film and dinner.

Soni Leighton at soni@sbcglobal.net or Marilyn McCurdy at marilyn.mccurdy@sbcglobal.net.

Soni Leighton
Marilyn McCurdy
First Friday Movie Section Waiting List. Members select 2 movies each month for the upcoming month and view them on their own. Discussions are held at members' homes, 2 other members provide refreshments. Members rate movies on 1-10 scale. Spouses, significant others are welcome. Kathy Harkins
Movies 'n' Lunch Contact: 939-0373, lstangel@astound.net. Each month, members select 2 movies and a restaurant for the upcoming month. Group meets at a different restaurant each month and discusses the selected movies. At Oscar time, everyone is encouraged to see as many of the top-nominated movies as possible, and votes on what they believe will win. Member with the most correct receives a prize. A drawing is held if there is a tie. Meets: 3rd. Tuesday @ 11:30 am. Open to new members Diane Stangel
Evening Film "Oscars1" Oscar 1 Film Group Waiting List. We choose a movie for the following month. We see the film on our own and meet for discussion. We have a lot of fun sharing our views of the film. Spouses are included. The hostess provides beverages, appetizers, and dessert. Meets 7:30 second Friday. Sharon Cohune
Photography Contact Marian or Dora-Thea for information. Marian Bliss and Dora-Thea Porter
Quilting With much success, our very small group continues to surprise Children.s Hospital in Oakland with items they love. We make scent dolls, minkie sensors, incubator covers, and receiving blankets, plus wonderful 100% cotton childrens' quilts. We will hold two monthly sew days to get together to make the valuable items the hospital needs. If you know how to quilt, or not, we will give you all the help you need. Mary Kelly, Diane Larson
Travel Group Meets every other month (Sept, Nov, Jan, March, May). This group offers armchair and active travel experiences for members and spouses/significant others. We enjoy beverages and dessert while learning about a travel destination that is presented by one of our members. Each meeting also includes a Travel Forum where we share the latest travel tips and offerings as well as have an opportunity to ask the group for help with travel-related questions. We have a good time socializing while learning about what our world has to offer. We meet the third Friday. Contact Karen at aauw.da.travgrp2@att.net for more information and include the name AAWU in the message title.

Karen Larkin
Wine Tasters Activities include blind taste testing, potlucks, winery visits, expert speakers. We meet at members' homes or other locations usually on a Sunday. Activities include blind taste testing, potlucks, winery visits, expert speakers. We meet at members' homes or other locations. Barbara Critchlow and Alicia Jones
Writers Group Original poetry, prose, and/or memoir writing workshop. We are a supportive community of writers providing encouragement to each other. We write and read to each other as a group, giving as much or as little feedback as the author requests. Bring five or six copies of a sample of your writing. Length: three to four pages is all we have time to read aloud and share. Barbara can provide writing prompts to get you started, let her know. We meet on the fourth Thursday. Barbara Stumph
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