Welcome to AAUW-DA Gourment

International Gourmet

Lead: Roseann Krane

This group shares knowledge of a country or region through discussion, photos, and experiencing international foods.

Menus and recipes will be prepared by participants, and all will share in the costs. Dinners will be held one to four times a year depending on availability, and diners may bring a friend or spouse. Singles are encouraged to attend by themselves or with a friend.

The way we work is for each person attending to bring their own alcoholic drinks and the hostess provides the water, coffee, tea. We all take turns being hostess and helping clear up the table at the end of the evening. When possible we help cleaning dishes also. The gourmet member attending prepares the food and may come alone or bring a spouse or friend.

We ask each member how much they spent and don't look at receipts. We add up the amount spent and divide it by the number attending. Everyone then chips in what is necessary to make the amount spent even.

The meal menu and recipes are posted and first email gets to prepare their first choice. We take turns on preparation. We don't expect first timers to do this. Enjoy fun food experiences by joining our group. Here is a sample of past menus


May - www.aauw-da.org/gourmet/german/German Dinner

February - www.aauw-da.org/gourmet/belgium/Belgium Dinner

October - www.aauw-da.org/gourmet/afganistan/Afganistan Dinner


July - www.aauw-da.org/gourmet/Hawaiian/Hawaiian Dinner

September - www.aauw-da.org/gourmet/Portugal/Portugal Dinner

November - www.aauw-da.org/gourmet/India/Indian Foods Dinner


  • Syrian Foods

  • Norwegian Foods

  • Foods of Thailand


  • South African Food

  • Iran-Persian


  • French Dinner

  • Pan-African Dinner

  • Switzerland


    §                     Argentina

    §                     Hungary

    §                     Sweden

    §                     Vietnam


    §                     Japan

    §                                 Australian

    §                                             Irish


    §                                             China

    §                                             Russia


    §                                             India

    §                                             Mexico


    §                                             Turkey

    §                                             Morocco


    §                                             Newfoundland

    §                                             Lebanon

    §                                             Poland


    §                                             Indonesia

    §                                             Spain

    §                                             France


    §                                             Italy